It’s back!

bon voyage

On the road again! Didn’t you guys miss this? Get ready for five days of travelin’ stories with yours truly. It’s gonna get weird.

This time I’m staying stateside and traveling for business & fun. Spending the weekend exploring San Francisco then getting serious at the LinkedIn Conference downtown. (Follow me @KaitlynHennigan on the Twitter to get updates and ground-breaking, 140-character thoughts during the three-day conference.)

This is my first time to SF and my first time to travel for work. I just have sooo many questions, like:

Where can I get the best dim sum?
How can I expense a Segway tour?
If I can successfully work remotely all week, does that mean I can stay?

Getting ahead of myself. First things first. Airport dinner.

One thought on “It’s back!

  1. Here’s hoping that @ some point, some how, some where in SF you are able to quaff a beer w someone who’s middle name is – literally – Hennigan. Xo

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