Day 10


Last day in the city of the Merlion. Joanna is back to work, so I decide to taxi back into Chinatown to pick up some souvenirs. I make out like a bandit, even bartering with one guy, and treat myself to a Tiger, banana fritter, and dumplings.

2014-07-01 12.04.39

Back at Joanna’s apartment, I sat by the pool intermittently taking a dip and reading my book. Can’t knock my hustle.

2014-07-01 15.31.21

After some Indian dinner, it’s off to the airport. Just a brief 13-hour flight, 9-hour layover, and 7-hour flight to go until I’m back in Beantown. As much as I’ve loved this vacation, I am ecstatic at the idea of melting into my bed for a solid 24 hours. Except, Friday is the 4th of July…who’s got a cook out to invite me to?

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