Day 9


We are both feeling it a bit in the morning, so we’re slow moving until a dose of American brunch refuels us. Afterward, we head out to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The large, well-kept grounds feature beautiful flora and the National Orchid Garden, which is not to be missed.

2014-06-30 13.46.492014-06-30 13.04.182014-06-30 12.49.522014-06-30 12.48.252014-06-30 12.45.172014-06-30 12.29.56

The surroundings are gorgeous, but I am exhausted. It is nap time. We return to the apartment to see the wonderful news that the pool is reopened! Nap time postponed for dip in infinity pool.

2014-06-30 14.33.31

We head to Blue Ginger that night for dinner. Amazing, as previously posted. Then to Marina Bay Sands for a night cap on one of the coolest buildings in Singapore. The view is not entirely unpleasant. It’s a mix of NYC cityscape and Avatar. Even the huge shipping vessels look pretty at night!

2014-06-30 21.30.31 2014-06-30 21.26.40 2014-06-30 21.55.09 2014-06-30 21.54.52 2014-06-30 21.55.16

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