Day 5


Outfit: Had to give the vintage Chanel scarf some Paris time!


Activities: L’Orangerie museum. This museum was made for me. It was like a Now That’s What I Call Art greatest hits CD and it took me an hour flat to see everything. No lines, no crowds, no slow group tours. Just me and Monet.

They also had an impressive exhibit going on showcasing only drawings from the famous impressionists and neo-impressionists. The drawings were all pencil, pen, charcoal, or crayon and just incredible. I’ll file “drawing” along with “sculpture” and “airplanes” in the How do they do it!?! part of my brain. I bought postcards like a good tourist. No pictures allowed inside, but I did snap this of Place de la Concorde, right outside the museum. This is where they used to publicly execute everyone. This was the guillotine’s mainstage. Now it’s a traffic circle surrounding an Egyptian column Napoleon brought back from his African conquests.


I wrapped that up by 11 am and considered going back to the Arc De Triomphe, but decided against it. I found a café and had a delicious coffee in the sun. Then I went to a bistro for lunch al fresco. Crossed the croque madame off my food list. Followed that up with a framboise macaroon from a nearby bakery. Polished off my last bottle of vin and packed up my stuff. And look, even the air traffic controllers have called off their strike! Fantastique.

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